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Easy Fender Hanger - 2 Pack

Hanging fenders has never been easier than with our unique Fender Clips. Our patented technology allows anyone the ability to attach or detach boat fenders to a boat railing, stanchion or life line in just seconds. The Fender Clip eliminates the need for constantly tying knots, so for novice boaters, kids or even avid boaters the convenience is easy to see.

  • Made from durable marine grade UV resistant plastic with a nickel plated solid brass grommet that is sure to hold up under the most demanding conditions.
  • Will handle lines up to 1/2' in diameter
  • Will attach to railings up to 1' in diameter
  • Available in white or black
  • Packages come in a set of two

Free Economy Shipping to U.S. addresses Try a pair and you'll be "hooked"!