Personalized Top Tie Fender Cover

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*Please see size chart below for help choosing the correct cover for your fenders*

Personalize your boat fender covers with an embroidered design, boat name or custom logo! Our boat fender covers are made from a UV resistant, non-marking material that is incredibly durable yet soft enough to leave the hull of your boat looking as good as the day you bought it.

We use only the finest threads for our embroidery so you can be sure your boats name will be represented well for a long time to come. These boat bumper covers are easy to use, easy to clean and easily the best choice for bumper covers on the market. Perfect for any boat warming gift! Made for 100% recycled materials in the USA. 

For a custom logo please request a quote here.


Big B Fender

6" x 15" - 6" x 15" Cover
Big B Fender 8" x 20" - 8" x 20" Cover
Big B Fender 10" x 26" - 10" x 26" Cover
Big B Fender 12" x 34" - 12" x 34" Cover
Super Gard Fender 6.5" x 23" - 6.5" x 22" Cover 
Super Gard Fender 8.5" x 27" - 8.5" x 26" Cover 
Super Gard Fender 10.5" x 30" - 10.5" x 30" Cover 


6.5" x 21.9" - 6.5" x 22" Cover
G5 8.8" x 26.8" - 8.5" x 26" Cover
G6 11" x 30" - 10.5" x 30" Cover
HTM-1 6" x 15" Cover
HTM-2 8" x 20" Cover
HTM-3 10" x 26" Cover
HTM-4 12" x 24" Cover
NF-4 6.5" x 22" Cover
NF-5 8.5" x 26" Cover

Fits Taylor Made, Polyform and Dock Edge fenders only. Primarily used on vertical hanging fenders. Dimensions listed refer to the diameter and overall length. Enclosed at one end and open on the other with a Velcro seem running the length to ensure a snug fit. Optional end cap for bottom, creating full enclosure also available.

Looking for fender makes/sizes not listed? Contact us--we manufacture everything in house and can also construct covers for several models of Polyform US, Original Polyform (Norway), Majoni Star, Freedom, Taylor Made Dock Pro fenders and more.

Colors on screen may look different in real life and under different light conditions (to request a swatch, please contact us.) Embroidery is on one side/area only.  Our designer may adjust embroidery area for proper spacing and placement so it looks as good as possible. *Please make sure all personalization is correct (spelling, upper/lower case) as custom items cannot be returned and orders cannot be changed once the order is in process.* If you are trying to match older fender covers, please contact us and send a photo. We cannot guarantee they will match to due to a variety of factors. 

 *Please note that the measurements given are that of the fender that the cover will fit. The measurements of the fender may vary from that listed to ensure a proper fit. Before you fill your fenders with air, we recommend putting the cover on and then inflating for an ideal fit and to avoid over-inflation. For custom sizes (not due to overfilling) contact us to inquire.

Please allow 5-10 business days for the production of custom embroidered items.


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