Repel-a-Bird - Bird Deterrent



Repel-a-Bird, Bird Deterrent

Repel-a-Bird is a spider-like bird deterrent that requires no power of any kind. Long stainless steel arms reach out to cover an impressive amount of space to deter almost any type of bird. Repel-a-Bird is incredibly effective and can be placed on areas where others can't. 

Includes sand base, mounting hardware, and spider legs.

Available base colors: Pacific Blue, Black, Captain Navy, and Tan (all with black trim).

Weighted sand filled Base is approx. 10 inches in diameter.

(For use with Universal Mounting Sand Base, which can be purchased together or sold separately. Sand filled WeatherMAX® fabric bag, held in place with gravity or we put plastic rings on them for hold-downs. For use on biminis, sail covers, cabins or decks. For use with all bird deterrent models.)

REPEL-A-BIRD Bird Deterrent by Cape Marine